The Live Better program will give you all the information and details needed to reach your health and fitness goals.

No matter what your goals are, what your age is, how much time you have, or what other excuses you may have, the knowledge we are offering will unlock the door and break the chains that have kept you from your best you!

The information in our program is not new. It has been around for over 50 years and is used very successfully by trainers and professional athletes all around the world.

It has not been made available to the general public in its RAWEST and SIMPLEST form because there would not be as much profit in it to do so.

Some of the diet Gurus and Trainers out there are selling their versions of “HOW TO GET YOU TO YOUR GOAL” without knowing what it takes to achieve that goal.

The Key to the Live Better Program is combining all the components needed in the right proportions based on the goals and living situation of the person in question.

This is true for Nutritional Balancing (diet), The Workout Plan, and Mental Perspectives.

The goal of our program is to be as effective and as efficient as possible in helping you reach your goals.

This program is based on teaching you how the body’s systems function and how to work with these systems yourself.

We will do this by creating a plan based on your life details. This will get you to your goals as quickly and easily as possible.

Most importantly it will teach you how to work with your body so that you will be in control from then on. This does not mean you can’t investigate other information, you will simply know enough to not be deceived by the ocean of B.S. that is floating around out there.


“Awareness is the best agent for change”

The Live Better Program starts with your diet. We will do a diet analysis of your eating habits and food choices to see where your dietary levels are at this point.

We will use that information to adjust your nutrition plan using your food preferences as much as possible. This will make the process far easier to stick with and understand.

The goal is to balance the components of your diet so that your insulin level stays as balanced as possible. This will allow the body to burn fat for energy and process your food properly.

Some generic diet plans and programs may have this concept incorporated into the plan, but they are designed to keep you dependent on the plan or company.

Our purpose is to put you in control and set you free of dependency!

One of the most important aspects of making your transformation easy and enjoyable is to understand that there is a combination required for the body to respond and transform.

The body is a machine designed to respond and adapt to the input it receives. It does this nonstop 24 hours a day 7 days a week no matter what you may think the body will not stop.

This input data comes from Mental input, Physical stimulus, and Nutritional fueling.

The key is to enter the correct data in a balanced and complete form so the body will respond in the way you want.

This is similar to a three-number combination lock. If you only have one or two of the numbers required in the combination the lock will not open.

No matter how good a person you may be, no matter how hard you try, the lock will not open.

This is a great example of how it is with the body. It simply needs the correct combination to give you what you want.

The reason we all think things like:

“IT’S SO HARD TO GET INTO SHAPE” or “ I’M TO OLD TO DO THIS” is that you don’t have the correct combination to the lock that is holding you back.

If you stop and think about it the reason anything is hard is that you don’t know what you are doing.

If you do know what you are doing the task will take effort but it’s not hard to do. The effort you do put out will be well worth it because of the rewards you receive.

With The Live Better Program, the first reward will be the sense of Empowerment.

Knowledge is power and with more knowledge comes a greater ability to create the health and life you want.

The Live Better Program is all about teaching you the correct combinations needed for your Nutritional Balance, your Workout Program, and your Mental Perspectives. These components must be based on you not some generic data for thousands of people.

(even though the body’s system parameters apply to everyone).

You can get results from programs and plans designed for everyone, but they are slow and may not work at all or the results you do achieve do not stay with you. In a few short months, you’re right back where you were or worse than you were before. This can, unfortunately, give a person the idea that there is no hope or it is too much work, etc.

We are talking about teaching you the most efficient and effective way to your goals and that can only be done using you and your life specifically.

We take your eating habits, your work schedule, your life situation, your workout preferences, etc. to create a combination to the lock that will open the door to your best you!




We take a three-day log of your eating and drinking habits and break it down into Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat, sodium, and Calories.

We can then create a plan that will adjust your nutrition to fit within the parameters of the body’s optimal metabolizing levels.

We will create the plan but, the main point of this is to teach you how to work the process and put you in control of your nutritional balancing. Once you understand the basic parameters the body requires to run at its best you will find that it is not limiting at all. There is an unlimited number of ways to create great-tasting food and stay within the levels required to burn fat for energy and feel great!

We will also provide food recipes and preparation ideas to help you learn.

So, you can be a single working mom or an athlete with Olympic aspirations, the one thing you both have in common is your bodies will not change until you use the correct combination for your specific goals!


No workout plan or exercise will be effective or safe unless the Nutrition intake of your body is balanced.

Once we have done that we can then use the same combination philosophy as in the Nutritional Balancing for creating the workout program that will be perfect for you.

What needs to be taken into consideration when creating an effective and efficient workout program are the details of the person’s life in question.

We can all find a workout program guaranteed to work! All you have to do is bust your ass, right?? WRONG!

That is why 90 % of all fitness attempts fail. People just quit!

We create a plan that is based on what you’re able to do now and build on it as you progress. This will give you the feeling of succeeding and the benefits of working out consistently. Better sleep, better nutritional processing, better energy, etc. These improvements will naturally motivate you to want more.

To do this we need to use the same balancing combination concept we used with the Nutritional Plan.

No matter what kind of workout plan we create, it must be designed around the most effective way to work with your body.

Just like your diet plan we use your preferences in exercise to build your program.

The program will be based on how to use the body’s muscle groups in an order that is most effective in giving the body the input and data it needs to respond and transform the way you want.

With the knowledge you will be receiving on how to create and balance your workout program you will then be experiencing the effects of


You will use the tools you receive to create the body and health you have always wanted.

I use the term Creative Bodybuilding because we are all Bodybuilders.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the gym 4 hours a day 6 days a week or you sit on the couch all day every day eating cookies you are still building a body based on the input you’re giving your body.

Creative Bodybuilding is not to be confused with Competitive Bodybuilding.

Competitive Bodybuilding is taking your body to a level that is dictated by your fellow competitors and the sport itself. There is very little balance involved. It’s all about winning at all costs.

Creative Bodybuilding is very balanced. It is like a sculptor that loves his work of art and continues to perfect it daily with no end in sight. You’re working with the person in the mirror to make them better each day motivated by the fact that you will be better tomorrow than you were today fueled by love not sacrifice!


The Mental Perspective you have now will change as the day goes on depending on what you eat or not and what may happen to you during the day.


You get up late, so you grab some coffee on your way to work. No food!

A few hours later you are so hungry you grab some cookies or whatever you can find. This works for a while but then by about 2:00 or 3:00 pm you start to feel tired and have no energy. Your mental perspective at this point is that you need something. Some sort of feel-good pick me up (this is a mental perspective due to your current nutritional condition). Your mind says this needs to be as entertaining as it is effective. So, if it’s too early for alcohol you go for more caffeine and sugar in whatever form is available. Coffee and cookies usually. After you finish with work it’s time to be rewarded with something stronger because you went through that rough day. (you are still under the influence of sugar cravings) So now it’s Happy Hour and you have some alcohol before dinner.

Then with your buzz in place you decide on what you want for dinner. It will need to be entertaining and mouth satisfying, or you are not having it after the day we just had. (Mental Perspective)

All the above details were created from the Mental not the physical.

The physical body however is the one that suffers the consequences of your actions.

The Mental Perspective is created by the messages sent by the body to the brain based on what is happening in it at the time. This will direct you to your next decision.

Let us break down the above details in the example from the body’s perspective.


By waking up and not breaking your fast after sleeping with some proper nutrition containing protein and complex carbohydrates the body will go into a trauma mode of survival and will start consuming body protein for energy. The caffeine in the coffee will speed up the process by causing the body to burn what blood sugar is in the bloodstream at the time. This is what gives us the impression that caffeine gives us energy. (The truth is that protein and carbohydrates in the right balance are what give us optimal blood sugar levels and great energy.)

In this survival mode, the body stops burning fat for energy. Then you will have a massive craving due to the lack of protein. This will be a sugar or carbohydrate craving. This craving is the body sending a message to the brain letting it know that its blood sugar is very low. We misread this message as the body wanting or needing sugar when what it needs is protein. The energy level of the body will drop significantly do the lack of balanced fuel to run at its best. When we respond to the craving by eating more sugar in whatever form bread, cookies, coke, etc. this raises our insulin level to handle this unnatural level of carbohydrates/sugar which stops the burning of fats for energy.

This continues throughout the day and is amplified by happy hour only to be terribly punctuated by a dinner that is completely out of balance as well.

This lifestyle or anything similar will result in premature aging, diabetes, and a host of other hideous conditions that could have been avoided!!

One of the main points of this example is you are under the influence of your Mental Condition which is influenced by your current nutritional condition.

To make a change in our lives we will have to make a conscious decision to try something new long enough to get out of the influence of the old and under the effect of the new routine before we can make any intelligent decisions about how to proceed.

I like to use this analogy:

Not taking control of your health by balancing your nutrition is like standing in the middle of the road with a big truck coming.

The truck has no means or intention of stopping. I am simply telling you- you need to get out of the road before it is too late. What you do once you are on the side of the road is up to you. But if you do not get out of the road what you want to do doesn’t matter!

Another example is:


Is like driving your car at 80 mph and letting go of the steering wheel to climb into the back seat to “DO SOME IMPORTANT WORK”!!

Now, no one would let go of the steering wheel of their car on the highway knowing that in a few short seconds or minutes they would be badly hurt or killed!

Why would you let go of the steering wheel that controls your health?

The comparison is the car is a vehicle we use to move around our lives.

The body is a vehicle we use to be on the planet and have our lives!

You can live without a car. You cannot live without a body!

Name one thing that you can do on this planet and enjoy without your health?

Most of us define health (without being conscious of it) as staying at the level of health that lets us continue to defile ourselves in the way we are accustomed.

We go to the doctor for a cure to our problems so we can go on drinking, smoking, eating anything we want, etc.

When the medications for your symptoms no longer work (because we never tried to find the root of the problem or cared) and we are dying we only have one thing on our minds “ISN’T THERE SOMETHING YOU CAN DO!!!


Not at that point.

But as long as you’re not currently on your death bed your:


This brings us back to the LIVE BETTER PROGRAM with our help we can show you how to be in control of your health and then become a light to your family, children, partner, friends, etc. It takes less time and money to Live Better than to live in ignorance of the truth!

You have nothing to lose and your quality of life to gain. By working with us you will finally learn how to be in control of your health.

You can always go back out into the middle of the road where you are now. The truck will always be waiting for you!


Everything in our body is controlled by or created from Hormones.

Laughing, Crying, Anger, Sad, Happy, etc. are all results of Hormone levels.

Our body also needs hormones to run all its systems correctly.

If the Hormone needed isn’t at its optimal level, there will be a breakdown in the system.

In healthy humans, our hormone levels are at their optimal levels naturally until we are anywhere from 35 to 45 years old. At that point, the production of these hormones decreases a little each year creating what we know as the AGING PROCESS.

If you consult your doctor when you are in your 50s and tell him something seems wrong. You have less energy than you use to. You do not recover from workouts normally. You sustain injuries in the gym easier and heal slower, lower sex drive and libido, etc.

He will tell you that everything is fine. That you are just experiencing the effects of getting older. (someday soon that will be malpractice)

The truth is, that what you are feeling is the effect of lower hormone levels in your body.


If you have an iron deficiency in your body you will feel a certain way.

The doctor will tell you that you need to take some iron tablets to bring your iron level back up to where it needs to be.

The same is true with calcium and other elements.

We are fortunate to be living in a time where we can have our hormone levels checked and balanced.

Hormone Balancing has been around for about the last 30 years.

The process has improved immensely in that time.

Now it is extremely easy to check your blood levels for Testosterone, Estrogen, and Human Growth Hormone.

While there are many more hormones in the body these are the ones that are necessary for health and the longevity of life.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re 29 or 69 if you are a man with a very low Testosterone level you will experience AGING Period!

If you are a woman with low Testosterone / Estrogen levels you will feel the same effects

Lower energy, lower sex drive, and libido, slow healing, slow recovery, loss of strength, etc.

The LIVE BETTER OR DIE BADLY program is dedicated to Transformation Through Knowledge.

Everything we do is to empower you so that you can control your health.

This cannot happen unless you are aware of your current hormone levels and maintain them. (unless you are under the age of 40)

Just as it is with the Nutritional Balancing and the fact that you must follow the protocol of the body’s nutritional requirements to have an optimal Nutritional Balance.

This is also true with your hormone levels. It is not negotiable. You may choose to close your eyes to these facts. It will not change the facts.

If that truck we spoke of earlier is coming and you are in the road, closing your eyes or saying it’s not coming, it will not change the outcome. You will still be run over by the truck!

Here at LIVE BETTER OR DIE BADLY we work with the Best Hormone Balancing Clinic in the Country.

Most  Hormone Clinics farm out the medical requirements to doctors that are near the client. These doctors are paid a small fee to check your Blood levels and make recommendations as to how to proceed. They are not experts in the field of Hormone Balancing they are there to keep things legal. The fee they receive is so small that your Hormone health is of very little concern to them.

The company we use employs its own medical staff that is dedicated exclusively to Hormone Balancing, Guiding, and Educating you.

The one thing that all of the above categories NUTRITION, EXERCISE, MENTAL, AND HORMONES have in common is that they must be balanced and in the right combination for the body to change and improve.

As an example, the combination that is required for your Nutrition to be balanced must be correct or the body will not transform in the way you want.

This is true for TOTAL HEALTH and the Endless Improvements that you can experience.

The MENTAL, NUTRITIONAL, EXERCISE PROGRAM, AND HORMONES must be individually balanced and they all must be involved to experience the AMAZING level of life we are talking about and that you are looking for.

You will certainly feel the positive effects of balancing or changing just one or two of the above four categories. However, for the same time and energy, you will use to achieve those positive effects you could have reached a level of health that is self-perpetuating and amazing!

The Point again of the LIVE BETTER PROGRAM is to show you how you can transform and have the body, health, and life you want with the same time, money, and energy you are using to be unhealthy and dying or just changing a little bit. Why not have it all and then be able to share that power and knowledge with those around you.

You will not really have a choice in that.

If you transform and are experiencing the effects of a CREATIVE BODYBUILDING lifestyle people will simply look at you and know there is a better way and they will be hungry to find out what that is and how you are doing it.

The older you are the better!

Dr. Jeffry Life

If you see a person in amazing condition that’s 29 it’s impressive but when you see a man at 73 to 80 that looks and is amazing, you must stop and take notice.

(that man’s name is Dr. Jeffery Life -Google him!)

I suggest you take the first step and set up an appointment for a free consultation.

During that time, we will discuss you and what we can do for you specifically.

This is not about selling something to everyone. It’s about providing the service of Self-Empowerment Through Knowledge of how to work with your body to create the life you want and how to control and maintain it!

Thank you!

We hope to see you soon!