Knowing what your diet is made up of and how to work with it is essential to transforming your body and health.

The missing link and the reason most people fail even when they are presented with the diet formula for success is their frame of mind.

It’s in how they define words like GOOD, HEALTHY, FINE, YUMMY, EAT, FOOD, etc.

Before you even start this program, you must ask yourself this question.

Do I eat for nutrition and fueling or entertainment and comfort?

You must be honest because the body and its systems do not care if you lie to yourself or not it will respond to the mental and physical data you give it no matter what your reasons are.

Your frame of mind will give you a craving. What you eat because of that craving will affect your frame of mind and the spin begins. This process is true in a positive direction as well as a negative direction.

The positive direction has no end. You will continue to improve and feel better every day for as long as you wish. That simple!

The negative direction is much shorter and has a long list of pitfalls and side effects that in the end make the journey Hell even if you think you’re having fun.

The negative choice means that you define health as being healthy enough to continue to entertain yourself with food, drugs, and alcohol.

I used to say things like “This is a GREAT CIGAR” ‘ FINE TEQUILA”


I see big billboards with ads for Dairy Queen showing a fat 8-year-old smiling at a huge cup of their Blizzard Desert with the caption


This is the mindset where “EATING FOR ENTERTAINMENT” comes from.

I know that at first, this seems way too hard to give up GOODIES and the part of you that loves Tequila, Cinnabon’s, Ice cream, etc. will say there must be another way to be healthy and keep the goodies (so to speak).

The first step is to want to be healthier not to give up anything. If you start by telling yourself I have to quit this or that YOU WON’T!

Start by looking at what you are eating and then be honest about it.

With the Diet Analysis, you will have the information, to be honest about.

Saying I know I eat bad, or I need to eat better isn’t helping you it’s making you feel bad and drives you right back to the things you feel you should quit.

After we see where your diet levels are we (you and I) will adjust your eating based on the data your information gives us. This program is about knowledge and empowerment not quitting anything!

With the understanding you will get from this program you will want to make the changes you make. The effect of those changes on your body will make you feel better, and you will want to go to the next level naturally without discipline, cravings, or hardship.

This is a process that will take the time that it takes but you will feel improvements from the beginning.

Consistency is the key.

Consistency is the reason your health is out of control and declining.

Consistency will also be the reason you can be better tomorrow than you were today!



The most important part of the Live Better Program is the Nutritional Balancing.

To do this we need a three-day log of your eating and drinking information.

Everything you eat and drink. The item and amount and the time of day you consumed it.

(use the form provided)


Day one

7:00 am Breakfast

2 scramble eggs 2 pieces bacon 2 pieces toast ½ teaspoon butter on each and 1 teaspoon jelly 3 cups coffee with tablespoon cream and 1 teaspoon sugar 8 oz. Water.

9:00 am 16oz water

10:00 am Snack

16oz. Coffee 3 chocolate chip cookies ( 4oz. Each)

11:00 8oz water

12:30 pm Lunch

2 large pieces combo pizza

small salad with 2 tablespoons ranch dress

24 oz. Coke

3:00 pm snack 16 oz. Coke and a 12oz. Snickers bar

4:00 pm 8oz water

5:00 pm Happy hour

4 beers and 1 ½ cups mixed nuts salted

7:00 pm Dinner

4 pieces fried chicken 2 legs 1 breast 1 thigh with skin

1 cup green beans

1 medium baked potato with tablespoon butter and 1 tablespoon sour cream

8oz. Water

16oz coke

9:00 pm Dessert

1 cup vanilla ice cream

8oz water

It’s very easy to want to leave things out and make your information look better than it is.

Be honest and include everything.

This is the first step to you being in control of your life.

This is also a test to see if you are willing to do what it takes to change your life.

Anyone that doesn’t care about themselves enough to write down 3 days of their eating habits won’t do what it takes to change their life no matter how easy we make it.

Our goal is to succeed in educating our clients while we help them transform. They will then have the knowledge and experience it will take to achieve their health goals.

After you have completed the form with all the details required send it in with your payment.

(Payment can be done through the ordering page with PayPal)

We will process your analysis and contact you to set up an appointment for your consultation to go over the new recommendations.

We will also provide food sources, recipe ideas and a book of complete food counts so you will be able to find the data you need on any food you may want to eat. This will allow you to know if that food and quantity will fit into your new nutritional protocol.

This program will set you on the road to your best you, but more importantly, you will feel the power of being the one in control of your health!

That will become your New Comfort and Entertainment.