I have used the information in my books in some fashion for 45 years. From 1990 to 1993 I had a small fitness center where we provided personal training and were one of the first facilities to offer detailed diet analysis to get our clients nutrition on track. This was very successful.

The reason to listen to what I have to say is not that the information I’m offering is new and different, but THAT I AM!

I have lived burning the candle at both ends so to speak for 50 years. The things I have learned using the information in this program and how it has served me is the reason for the Live Better  program and my books.

I’m not a famous anything, I’m not a champion anything, I’m not a celebrity or a supermodel. What I am however is 63 years old and living AMAZING!

I’VE BEEN YOU — you haven’t been me,–(if you are like me you are over 60 and already living amazing so you probably aren’t looking for answers to your health needs) I’ve been 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and beyond, and have experienced using and not using the information in my program. I’ve lived with 8 years of chronic back pain 24/7 that required that I eat 15 ibuprofen a day to function. I went a year with chronic chest pain that turned out to be like baby heart attacks daily. I was fortunate enough to catch the heart issues in time. I now have a stent in one of my arteries with a full recovery and beyond 100%. I was also fortunate enough to have my back fixed with a fusion of L-4/L-5 also with a perfect recovery better than 100%.

These recoveries would not have been possible without applying the information in my Live Better program before, during, and after these challenges.

Now, at this new level of health and life, I am able to wake up tomorrow better than I was today and increase my own version of AMAZING! This is so exciting that I had to create something that would allow me to share this information and help people.

I see people falling apart and living/dying badly without knowing there is something they can do about it.

When something new comes out a drug, diet, supplement, etc. the first thing we want to know is does it work? Did they test it? What did they find out about how well it works?
Well once again I’m your guy (or should I say lab rat)

I am the perfect test subject which is why I put this program together. I have applied the information about how to control your health in its newest and most refined version and have transformed to a new level of health and life! So much so that I had to put it all in a package that could be shared and applied by anyone who wants to take control of their health and life.

I’m giving you the information that has been around for over 50 years. This information has been improved and refined over that time but has not changed.

“The truth always stays the same”!

My intention is not to criticize but provide the truth about health.

I will however rattle your cage by not sugar coating the reality about health and how far we have fallen from it.

Imagine a person that has suffered from chronic pain in their foot, ankle, knee, and back for years. They have tried different remedies, to relieve the pain, they have gone to specialists for help with the pain all with no results. Then out of nowhere a gentleman comes along and gives this person a piece of information that was so powerful it allowed this person’s health challenges to be transformed almost instantly. This guy informed our person that they had a rock in their shoe the whole time and the symptoms as real as they seem to be were did not have to be there at all. I’m the guy that has the information that can make changing your life that easy!


Your health

If you really want to change and you use the information in my books, transforming your body and health will be as easy and liberating as taking that rock out of your shoe!

With the knowledge I now have, I’m like the guy who sees you standing in the road with a truck coming. The truck won’t stop and you are unaware that you are even in the road let alone that there is a truck about to hit you. So from the safety of the side of the road, I am yelling “get out of the road before it’s too late!” If your response is NO so be it, but at least you got hit by choice not because you were unaware of the facts.  Applying the information the way it’s laid out will help you wake up to the fact that you are standing in the middle of the road of health, so you can take action before the truck of “No more Health” runs you over!

So let’s add some tools to your toolbox of knowledge and start transforming!

I hope to hear from you soon