Live Better or Die Badly


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A one-to-six-week program

Live Better or Die Badly?

Why should I care about this program?

Let’s start with some basic facts that we can all agree on.

First, we are in the physical universe on planet Earth.

To be here and experience physical life on planet Earth we must have a physical body.

That said the number one law on the planet is Gravity. Gravity is what holds us on the planet and allows us to have our lives on Earth.

Gravity does not care what you think, or what you do, it will be Gravity and do what Gravity does period.

Next, there are three things that are absolute for you to stay on the planet.

#1 AIR,  #2 WATER,  #3 FOOD

These things are not negotiable.

#1 Air, if you don’t have it you will die within 3 minutes period!

#2 Water, If you don’t have it you will die within 4 to 7 days!

#3 Food, If you go without it and you have water you might live 30 to 90 days before you die!  Without water 5 to 10 days and your outa here!

My point with this is the fueling of our bodies is the most important thing there is for living well and having an amazing life or self-destructing and dying badly!

Just like Gravity, the body doesn’t care why you are doing the things you are doing it will run its system the way they were designed to run right up to the point it dies from not receiving the things it requires!

For something so important it is amazing to me that it’s not on the top of everyone’s priority list.

We have somehow come to believe that fueling our bodies correctly is not as important as being entertained by eating.

(That by the way is the number one reason for the massive decline in health!)

‘This brings us to the reason you should want to know how to transform and control your body’s health!

This is the way it works.

No matter what your age is, this is true.

#1 You either align your living habit to work within the parameters of the body’s optimal metabolizing levels and enjoy supreme health and having control over your body’s continued improvement in whatever direction you wish.


#2 You can ignore what the body needs and how its systems work and experience Premature aging, Diabetes, Arthritis, and a host of other debilitating conditions that will lead to the decline in your health and happiness until finally, you experience a crippling sad end.

If you don’t agree go to the grocery store and look around and tell me how many 60-year-olds you see that look like they’re Rocking their health!

Or better yet look in the mirror are you Rocking your health? Did you wake up better today than you were yesterday? If not, maybe we should talk!

We have all been in this category of defining health as “BEING  HEALTHY ENOUGH TO CONTINUE TO DEFILE OURSELVES IN THE WAY WE ARE ACCUSTOMED.

So before you say “I’m doing great for my age” take a close look at how you define Health!

The missing link in the process that keeps most people from reaching their health goals is usually very small.

For example, if you have a lock that requires a 3-number combination to open it you only have to be off by one digit for the lock to NEVER OPEN!


This is how it is with your diet, your workout program, and your mental perspective.

You can be out of balance in your nutrition just a little bit and you will undermine your body’s ability to operate properly. Your body will not be able to give you what you’re asking it to do, lose weight, get stronger, have more energy, be healthier, etc.


If you are working out that’s great! The difference between getting 80 to 100% out of your workouts and getting only 20 to 30% out of your workouts for your time and energy invested can be very small.

An adjustment in how you are doing your workouts, the exercises you choose, and the order they are in can make all the difference in succeeding or not.

It is not an issue of working hard it’s about working smart!